The Hitting Jack-It System Review

You know those products you see and say, “that is a good idea, why didn’t I think of that’?  When I first saw this product on TV a few years back, that is exactly what I said.  Since then, I have not thought too much about bat weights until recently.  At one of Lefty’s games, I saw his teammate struggle to get a donut on his bat in the on deck circle because he had a knob cuff on his bat handle.  It seemed to make it difficult to slide the donut onto the handle of the bat.  At that time, I was considering getting Lefty a standard donut and while doing research on weights and brands I remembered this product.  I thought it was time to give it a try.

The Hitting Jack-It is the first and only weighted system on the market that can be used to hit “live” (with a pitcher) batting practice.  The Hitting Jacket-It System includes three sizes to assist progressive training.

9 oz. – Ages 8 and up – Increase Bat Speed
12 oz. – Ages 12 and up – Increase Strength
16 oz. – Ages 15 and up – Increase Power
There is also a 5 oz., 21 oz. and 30 oz. sold separately.


The 9oz size develops bat speed and works fast twitch muscles. The 12oz size strengths hands and forearms, and improves muscle memory.  The 16oz size develops power.

The product works with all baseball and softball bats allowing players to develop during live batting practice sessions and off hitting tees.

All current weighted products on the market are placed on the barrel of the bat causing a “casting” elongated swing, slowing down your swing causing less power and do not let you practice with live pitching. The Hitting Jack-it was developed as a complete hitting system by ball players for ball players to provide immediate results, quickly develop bat speed and power, and force your hands to work properly creating improved technique.

After receiving the product, I took Lefty out with the 9oz. size and let him try it.  He slipped the weight on the handle and slid it down with ease (upside down first, but quickly corrected).  It was really cool to see in person how the weight stays down at the bottom the barrel and above the handle.  I threw Lefty about 20 wiffle balls and he was able to swing and make contact.  It never looked like it interrupted his swing or prevent him from making contact on the barrel as he normally would.  I then told him to take off the weight.  He did so by tapping the handle of the bat on the ground and the weight slid off.  He did a couple of practice swings and said, “it feels so lite”.  I threw about 20 more wiffle balls and he swung with ease.  We both felt like his bat speed had increased.  I could tell the bat felt lighter and more manageable to him even after that short amount of time.  It was a lot of fun.  He enjoyed it and I was happy to have him work on his bat speed and strength.  He threw it in his bat bag and said I am going to use this at practice.

How it Works 

The Hitting Jack-It Training System provides multiple benefits

  • Immediate results
  • Easy to Use
  • Can hit Live Batting Practice
  • Quickly develops bat speed and power
  • Keeps your hands from “casting”
  • Gives you more confidence as a hitter
  • Available in four graduating sizes: 9oz, 12oz, 16oz, 21oz
  • Available for Softball players
  • Forces hands to work properly creating a shorter compact swing
  • Strengthens hands and forearms
  • Can also be used as a weight for “On Deck”

Using the Hitting Jack-It

Can be done while in live batting practice, take as many swings as you desire, getting used to the added swing weight. Then remove the Hitting Jack-It to feel the added performance and increased bat speed.

Securing and removing the Hitting Jack-It

Slide the Hitting Jack-It onto the handle of the bat with the “wide end” facing up toward the barrel of the bat. Slide the Hitting Jack-It up the bat until snug. Turn the bat over and tap the bat on the ground firmly securing the Hitting Jack-It in place. For overall safety the open slot of the Hitting Jack-It should always face the catcher and the closed side with the logo should always face the pitcher.

Removing the Hitting Jack-It is as easy as tapping the handle of the bat on the ground to free it from its firm grip.

I really like this product.  I like the fact that you can use it while hitting live pitching or batting cages and the system comes in three weights to grow with your player.  The company was easy and friendly to deal with.  If you are in the market for a batting donut, I recommend looking at The Hitting Jack-It.





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