Myosource Kinetic Bands


Lefty’s team started to use these Myosource Kinetic Bands to condition.  I think it will be a great way to increase his speed an agility.  Looking forward to seeing his progress.


Resistance & Exercise Bands That Provide A Comfortable, Strength Building Workout For Your Legs, Hips, And Core!

Kinetic Bands are a unique resistance band training product that provides a heart healthy, strength building workout for all ages (7+).

These comfortable leg resistance bands fit just above your knees and are an affordable and effective way for anyone to strengthen their legs, hips, hip flexors, and core muscles while performing normal physical activities like walking, running, jumping, sprinting, and kicking. Strengthening these areas will help improve your balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance to run faster, jump higher, kick higher, react quicker and improve athletic performance.

Kinetic Resistance Bands are ideal for use during sport-specific training because athletes can move unrestricted and in a natural manner with full range of motion. This allows athletes to get stronger while working to improve their skills and helps reduce the risk of sports related injuries. Kinetic Bands make a great gift for any athlete!

Kinetic Bands also complement most workout routines and fitness/weight-loss programs and are great exercise bands for healthy minded people who want to get in shape, stay fit, lose weight, or burn fat. Get in shape while you ambulate. We guarantee results!

Our leg resistance bands are used worldwide by: Physical Therapy Professionals; Strength and Conditioning Specialists; Speed Trainers; Individual Athletes; School, Recreation, and Professional Sports Programs; Personal Trainers; and people who want to live a healthier lifestyle.




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