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Lefty and I recently had the opportunity to review The Swing Bat.  The Swing Bat is designed to improve swing mechanics by giving an immediate three-phase feed back; hear it, see it and feel it. Lefty enjoyed using it and we had fun filming this review. Check out our review in this video and read below for more information.

Product Information:

The Swing Bat is an excellent training tool that gets your swing on track fast. The Swing Bat provides an “auditory snap” sound at contact and an “enhanced visual” of the ball, as you “feel” the quick power being transferred at contact. You’ll get a precision swing every time! It’s simple to use and the results are immediate. You will be able to hit the “inside-out side” and the “curve” ball pitches into the gap and the holes with power. The Swing Bat will give you the edge needed in today’s competitive hitting game.

The Swing Bat is considered to be the best and most reliable hitting aid on the market today. It is being used all around the country in: Little Leagues, High Schools, and Colleges with great results.


  • Eliminate Lunging & Long Looping Swings
  • Implement a Compact Shorter Power Swing
  • Improve Swing Mechanics
  • Increase Bat Speed
  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Develop Timing and Muscle Memory
  • Become a Consistent Contact Hitter
  • Hit Every Pitch Location


  • High quality materials that are designed to with stand heavy daily use.
  • This is not a cheap toy!
  • The Swing Bat is engineered for optimal feel and balance.
  • The Swing Bat is proportionately sized to fit youth and adult batters.
  • You will not need a longer bat, the TSB 26” or 28” is all you need to get your quick swing on track!

The Swing Bat:

  • Available in baseball or softball
  • Made of high-grade durable polished Aluminum tubing
  • 1” diameter x 1/8” thick inner wall
  • Grip is a comfortable, non-slip contoured resilient rubber
  • Attached ball is an official size baseball or softball
  • Can be used to hit plastic balls (e.g., soft toss drills, one hand hitting drills)
  • Comes with instructional DVD hitting drills specifically designed to get you on track
  • Includes manufacturer’s Warranty

“How It Works”

From the inventor:  Michael R Libonati

The unique patented TSB hitting trainer has an innovative way of teaching you to key into the dynamic components involved in swinging a baseball bat. TSB gives you consistent accurate and effective “feed back”. For developing better Eye-Hand coordination, Timing, Muscle Memory and Bat Hand control! TSB has three of the most valuable “feed back” elements: Audible, Visual and Feel! Signals built into It’s Patented design.

It’s simple to use:

The Batter is in the ready position, the ball is at the top of handle. As the TSB is swung the attached ball slides and makes contact, allowing the batter to “Hear” a distinct “snap sound”. The batter can “See” where contact is being made immediately in the swing. This combines a real ”Feel”of energy that’s being transferred at contact. All these biofeedback signals allow you to make corrections in your swing. From being: Early-Late to Right on the Money all with in a few swings.


Length: 26″
Weight: 22oz.
Model Number: 7-TSB26
Recommended For: Baseball Players Under 13 Years Old


Length: 28″
Weight: 24oz.
Model Number: 7-TSB28
Recommended For: Baseball Players Over 13 Years Old


Length: 28″
Weight: 24oz.
Model Number: 7-TSB28S
Recommended For: Softball Players Of All Ages


Check it out and tell them TheRustyArm sent you.




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