Nike N1 Air Series Baseball Glove Review

Hello Parents!  When I purchase a product for Lefty (which tends to be often, according to Mrs. RustyArm) I will be sure to detail my experience which may help you in your search for gear.

I recently purchased the Nike N1 Air Series BF1353 for Lefty.  I wanted to get a little larger glove, better quality, more padding and a better structure than his current 11″ Mizuno.  I first decided on the next size up to 11.25″.  Lefty plays pitcher, 1st base and center field.  I thought this size glove could work for those positions at his age.  In addition to the size, I narrowed down my choices to gloves between $50 and $70.  AND of course, the gloves had to be offered as Left Hand Throwing.  I found three models I felt were good quality at similar prices.  I showed all three to Lefty and let him choose.  He decided on the Nike.  Probably based on looks, but he has his reasons.  I ordered through and could not have had a better experience.  Their pricing was competitive and website was easy to maneuver through.  I purchased the glove for $69.99.  No tax or shipping was charged.  I received the glove by UPS 5 days after ordering.  My initial inspection determined that the quality of the glove was as advertised.  The purchasing experience was great.  I will order again from the site.

The glove is a good size for Lefty.  It actually appears a little larger than 11.25″ than I expected.  I was a little concerned that it may be too big for Lefty’s 8-year-old hands, but the fit is good and the glove is able to stay on his hand and he has control.  The glove is just the right stiffness, not totally broken in but enough that Lefty could catch with it right away.  I like the fact that he has to break it in by playing with it.  This should make for a better fit in the long run.  Lefty is currently using this glove during practices (using his “gamer” for the games) until the Nike is broken in and he feels completely confident with it.  Should not be long.  I am really happy with the quality of this glove and Lefty really likes the glove as well.  I would recommend checking out the Nike brand as you compare gloves for future purchases.  I can’t wait until he needs a new bat!

Nike N1 Air Series BF1353 Features:

  • Advanced, articulated Nike Air bag curves from the upper palm to the index finger for no-sting impact control
  • Game-Ready oiled Steerhide is soft, durable and holds its structure, with reinforced anti-abrasion edges
  • Full-grain leather lacing for strength and durability
  • NikeFIT DRY technology moisture wicking fabric finger linings helps keep hands dry and comfortable
  • I-web light and flexible
  • 11¼” middle infield pattern with shallow pocket for easy ball transfer

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