Baseball Pumpkins

I enjoy Halloween.  Waiting to hear Lefty’s decision about his costume is always filled with anticipation (Union Soldier this year..big history fan).  I enjoy carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, eating the roasted pumpkin seeds, taking Lefty trick-or-treating and eating his candy when he is not looking.  Soon we will be heading out to pick our family pumpkins.  The tradition in our house is three pumpkins, one for each of us to carve.  I was looking for inspiration and found it!  Baseball jack o’lanterns!

The one with the baseball in the eye looks right at my level of carving.  That may be my choice this year.

This one if for you Randy Johnson and/or mullet fans.

What will your player be this year?  And send those jack o’lantern photos!



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