What size bat should I buy?  Great question!  I get asked this question often and I by no means consider myself an expert.  I know the size bat Lefty uses but when it comes to this big purchase and choosing a baseball bat,  I think we could all use some help.

I prefer not to spend a car payment on a bat for Lefty, but I also want him to have decent bat.  I also like to compare multiple bats before I make a purchasing decision.

I found a really cool tool called Bat Coach on  This tool walks you through about 8 questions ranging from Do you know the player’s approximate height and weight?,  Do you have a manufacturer(s) preference? and Do you have a price preference?  Then it provides suggestions for you to consider.  It is a quick and easy way to start your search for the correct size bat for your young ball player.

I have not purchased a bat from but I did run through the tool and it gave me the size bat Lefty is currently using (sorry Lefty… no new bat for you!)  Pricing seems reasonable and I did contact their Support email to inform about this post and they responded quickly which was nice to see.

Give it a try.

Bat Coach on

Bat Coach on 



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