This past weekend Lefty’s team played in a two day tournament that was really exciting and pressure filled.  Lefty’s team made it to the championship game but ended up losing in extra innings on a game winning hit.

At one point during extra innings, the opposing team had the winning run on third base.  There were two outs and the batter had two strikes on him.  The young batter had to step out of the box because he was crying from the pressure.  It was then that I reminded myself that we are watching 8 & 9 year olds.  Here they were playing an intense championship game while learning how to handle the immense pressure.  At the end of the game there were a lot of tears as the boys tried to deal with their emotions.

I though back to Lefty’s Christmas list he handed to Santa a few days ago and remembered this one particular toy at the top of his list.  The Kaskey Kids Baseball Guys.

Kaskey Kids Baseball Guys

Lefty has the Football Guys from this company and has spent hours on end playing with these action figures.  He really enjoys this toy and I am a fan of the imaginary play.

To me it is quite the dichotomy to see Lefty up on the hill battling with bases loaded and a full count and then to see him on his bedroom floor playing with these action figures.  It helps me keep perspective to know that he is a young boy who loves to play in championship baseball tournaments and also loves to play make believe with action figures.  I know as he grows older, I will miss the days of seeing Lefty on his bedroom floor playing with his Football and Baseball Guys.

Great gift idea for the sports loving kid in your life.  Check them out!

Kaskey Kids Baseball Guys





  • <cite class="fn">Tim Gilcrist</cite>

    I have to admit that I am guilty of forgetting the fact that these are just 8 and 9 year old kids.. I want our kids to win so very much, and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Thank goodness for having a wife who is able to reel in my emotions during the game..I know that as bad as I would like for them to get the win… having a close loss like this one is a valuable lesson for them, and will hopefully drive their passion for future games. You did a great job this weekend helping to coach the boys…

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