How to Slide

Any suggestions on teaching sliding?

It is time to teach Lefty to slide.  Up until now, Lefty has been getting by with a “fake” slide.  He does more of a drop down when he gets close to the base, there is no real SLIDING going on.  I have never spent any time teaching him how to slide.  So I figured now is the time.  I found two large pieces of cardboard.  We put them out on the grass.  I sat Lefty down on the cardboard, I showed him the proper technique.  I explained the basics like generating speed, begin the slide three to five feet before the bag, one leg under, front leg up, arms up and there you go.  I know Lefty is a visual learner, so I decided to provide an example (my first slide in years).  I am happy to report, no injuries sustained by dad.  But I did not risk it with any more examples.  First thing Lefty asked was, can I slide headfirst.  I said learn this way first, Pete Rose.  He said who?  We practiced for about a half hour, Lefty did about twelve attempts.  He showed great effort, but we are not there yet.

Any suggestions?



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