Aggressive Base Running

Bryce Harper and Everth Cabrera play heads-up ball!

I was watching these highlights with my son and he said these plays look like something that would happen in one of his games.  I agree with him.  You don’t see plays like this too often in the major league.  It may have to do with fact that both Bryce Harper and Everth Cabrera are young players who play the game with a youthful enthusiasm.  They are bringing this type of play into the majors.  I think it is great!

Bryce Harper surprises the Marlins’ defense by stealing third while pitcher Josh Johnson holds on to the ball at the mound.

Everth Cabrera outwits Kenley Jansen and steals home on game-winning play.

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | WSH@MIA: Harper swipes third base in the first inning – Video | Multimedia.



  • <cite class="fn">Joel</cite>

    Yes, 2 very fun plays … not quite in the right context, but also heads-up by Dodger’s catcher to back up an overthrow at first this weekend, the Dodger’s catcher ended up in foul right field to get the ball (ran a long way). Love to see all of the hustle out there right now in MLB.

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