The Heart of Youth Baseball

In my opinion, this is an amazing coach.  How many coaches would be willing to do this?


Three years ago, while we were hosting the Cal Ripken World Series in Aberdeen, a team from Hawaii made it to the Championship game against Mexico.  Their coach really understood what’s at the heart of youth baseball, and I hope he can serve as an inspiration to other coaches.

In the top half of the last inning, with his team winning by just a run, this coach subbed in three players who hadn’t had a chance to be in the game yet.  He replaced his 2, 3, and 4 hitters and made sure every last one of his players got into the Championship game, even with victory on the line.  All three young batters struck out, but when they returned to the bench, they were welcomed by high-fives from their teammates.

The coach knew that Mexico’s best hitters were coming up, but he knew his team was already made up of winners and he made sure every last kid was able to contribute.  Sometimes it seems like great coaches are in the minority, but they’re definitely out there.

At such a young age,  really emphasize that he should be having fun. For many young kids, the game is everything when they’re in the moment.  Encourage your boy to be passionate, but to also enjoy the game!

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