Baseball Pants

I grew up playing baseball in the 70’s and 80’s.  I stopped playing baseball by the mid 90’s.  When it came to baseball pants, it was completely different than today.  Your pants were worn high to show the stirrups.  The stirrups were an important part of the uniform.  The option in that day was to either pull the stirrups up high showing the sanitary sock underneath or leave them low.  But the stirrups were showing.

Today, you do see a few players wearing their pants high.  However, the trend is to have low baggy pants.

As a coach of my son’s All-Star team, I found out that all coaches were required to be in FULL uniform, yes that meant pants.  I had not purchased a pair of baseball pants for myself since 1994.  I am well aware of the new style of baggy pants,  however I felt I needed to represent the old school with the high pants showing the stirrups.

Well, after spending an hour in the sporting goods store trying to recreate the look I had back in my playing years, I am sad to say it did not work out.  The high pants were either too tight, too loose, too high or too low from what I remembered.  I ended up with a pair of long pants all the way down to the shoes.  It just did not feel right not showing the stirrups.  My wife was pleased I did not end up with what she calls “tighties”.  On the bright side, my son wears his pants high showing his…socks.  His league does not do stirrups, just solid socks.  But his look is still old school.





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