Mom Teaches Multiplication While Playing Catch

One family goal this summer, as Lefty heads into the third grade, is to have him memorize his multiplication tables. No summer slacking for him, enrichment must continue! Here are some facts about Lefty; he loves baseball, he loves playing catch with me or with Mrs. RustyArm, if he could play family catch with both me and mom at the same time, well he has hit the jackpot.  He likes math but he does not love sitting inside at a table during summer memorizing multiplication flashcards and problems. But that is how you memorize multiplication, right? Well Mrs. RustyArm has another way.

Yesterday, I got a text from Mrs. RustyArm, “Where is the small baseball glove I like? We are heading out to play catch.” Not unusual for our household, actually pretty routine. I did not think much of it at the time. When I arrived home later that day, I was greeted by Lefty saying he had memorized his first set of multiplication problems. I was shocked. Mrs. RustyArm asked, “Do you want to see?  Grab your glove.” Lefty and I began to play catch outside as Mrs. RustyArm shouted out multiplication problems. He got them all correct.

Mrs. RustyArm had spent the time playing catch with him earlier in the day casually saying multiplication problems. He was so thrilled to be outside playing catch with his mom he did not notice he was studying. And Mrs. RustyArm was happy that the summer enrichment program was keeping on schedule. She also mentioned that she can get a lot of information out of him while playing catch. For example, “how are your friends or did Dad give you any candy yesterday?” She says he is an open book while he is throwing the ball around. I was tempted to her that would probably work with me as well. But knowing Mrs. RustyArm, she figured that out a long time ago…

Break out the gloves moms!



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