Baseball is the Greatest Game Ever!

My son’s regular season is over.  He is now beginning practice for his league’s All-Star team.  I am the Assistant Coach for the All-Star team and we have two weeks of practice before our games begin.  Our practices are two hours long for three days a week.  I was wondering how enthusiastic 8 year olds would be practicing for two hours a night.  A two hour baseball practice is quit a long time for any age but how would 8 year olds deal?  I got my answer last night about an hour and a half into practice.  I was coaching 3rd base and overheard two players talking in the dugout.  Player 1, “I love All-Stars because we get to practice for two hours.  That is one hundred and sixty minutes.  No wait, that is one hundred and…tttwwweeenty minutes.”  Player 2, “Yeah, baseball is the greatest game every!”.


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