Miami University of Ohio Redhawks Head Coach Danny Hayden – It would surprise parents and players to know that we…

It would surprise parents and players to know that we are not extremely concerned with results. I think high school players and parents can get a little too caught up in numbers and at least here at Miami, we do not put too much weight in them.

A high school player that puts up great numbers does not mean that he will be a great addition to our roster. On the other side of that, we could go to a game and watch a player go 0-4 but really like what we saw that day. We really like getting out to see how the guys compete and to see their actions. We have really liked some pitchers that couldn’t get out of the 3rd inning the day we saw them and we have not been impressed with some pitchers who threw complete games the day we saw them. We are trying to figure out what a player is going to look like a couple years down the road. In a lot of cases those guys might not be the best guy (as far as results go) on their team right now.

Coach Danny Hayden returns for his sixth season in charge of the Miami baseball program.


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