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photoLefty has been using these Total Control weighted balls in pre-game hitting and practice drills for the last month or so.  Already I have seen an improvement in how he drives through the ball and finishes his swing.  He is driving balls to the outfield regularly now which he was not doing before.  These training balls are a really good design that allows you to use a small area.  As your young player swings through the ball it will only travel a few feet.  Instant feedback on whether or not they are finishing their swing!  They are not cheap, $79 for a six-pack, but they are well designed to last.  I highly recommend them!  Another thing on my Christmas list…luckily I have been fairly good this year


Total Control Sports TCB Total Control Balls – 6 Pack

total control


Develop maximum strength through the hitting zone with the 6-pack of Total Control Balls. With its patent-pending weighted design, start out slowly with 3 to 6 solid hits and increase to maximum of 18 to 24 in one hitting session and experience instant feedback on your hits. The Total Control Sports® TCB can be used as both a Fastpitch softball and baseball training aid. Made in the USA.


  • Weighted design develops maximum strength and drive through the hitting zone
  • Provides the hitter with instant feedback
  • Can be used for both Fastpitch softball or baseball
  • Start out slowly with 3 to 6 solid hits
  • Increase to maximum of 18 to 24 in one hitting session
  • Use through front or side toss
  • Includes 6 balls per purchase
  • Ball diameter: 2.9″
  • Weight: 425g
  • Vendor color: yellow
  • Patent-pending design
  • Made in the USA
  • Distributed by Markwort® Sporting Goods
  • Model: TCB7412
  • Total Control Sports

You can find them at Dick’s online or Amazon.


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