Birthday Hopes and Wishes

Lefty is turning 9 years old this weekend.  As I look into his young face, I sometimes get a glimpse of the young man he will eventually be.  A lot of his life centers around baseball right now, and if I am being honest, I hope it always does.  However, that may be my dream, not his.  He will have to find his own way in life, whether that is baseball or not.  What I really hope for Lefty is that he always follows his passions in life.  I hope he always finds the positive in life experiences and people.  I hope he is of service to others.  I hope he is always confident and happy.  I hope years from now we can sit at a ball game and talk about these “good old days” and both look back with a smile.

I look forward to seeing the man Lefty will grow into.  I hope I will always add value to his life.  Whether he is playing baseball or chasing his dreams off the field, I will always be his biggest fan.

I hope one day, he gets to experience the joy I get from being his dad.

Happy Birthday Lefty!




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