Should Youth Pitchers Wear a Helmet

Is it time to require pitchers to wear a helmet?  You may believe professionals should not be told to do so, but what about youth ball players?  Isn’t it our responsibility to make sure our young ball players are safe?

There is risk of injury in every sport.  If you pitch for any length of time, odds are you will get hit.  Maybe not in the head, but you will get hit.  I still get startled awake at night with the vision of a baseball flying at me.  I guess the question is, although the odds of taking a come backer off the head may be low, does that risk justify the need for protective gear?

I am curious to hear your thoughts.



  • <cite class="fn">Nick</cite>

    Great question! I believe youth league pitchers and even up to high school level should wear some sort of protective head/face gear. College and pro’s can make this decision for themselves. You never want an injury to decide how long you play and if you take one to the face or head you may never make it out of youth league, especially with the way concussions are viewed in sports today. Great topic Rusty!

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