Baseball Cards

Call it an bribery, an incentive or a motivational tool, I have found a pack of baseball cards works pretty well to get a outcome from a group of 8 year old boys.

My son played a scrimmage last night and their energy level through the first few innings was low.  There was no hustle, no communication, they were not having fun.  It looked like work for these 8 year olds.  I remembered I had a few packs of baseball cards in my bag.  Before they took their positions in the 5th inning, I said to the boys, who ever shows the most hustle, the highest energy, the most communication and has the most fun out there gets a pack of baseball cards.  Their eyes lit up and there were a few cheers (maybe from the parents, hard to tell).  Everyone of them ran out to their positions, calling out every situation, every out, every play to be made.  It was a pleasure to see and hear.  They were communicating like a team and most of all, having fun.

Move over Artie Moreno, my payroll is $1.59 pack of baseball cards!

What ever happened to the gum inside the packs by the way??


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