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Tyler Holmes


Tyler Holmes is beginning his sophomore year in high school.  When I received his answers to my questions, I was more than pleased to Spotlight him.  Check out his answer to the question on advice to young players.  I made sure I showed that along with all of Tyler’s answers to Lefty.

It is my pleasure to spotlight Tyler Holmes.

TheRustyArm: Where do you currently play?

Tyler:  I play for San Marcos High School and, in the summer, for the Gorillas BBC.

TheRustyArm: What position(s) do you play?

Tyler:​ I play middle infield, pitch, and play a little outfield​.

TheRustyArm: When did you start playing baseball?

Tyler:​ I started playing baseball at the age of 5​

TheRustyArm: When did you start playing travel baseball?

Tyler:​ I started playing travel baseball when I turned 10​.

TheRustyArm: Did you play multiple sports growing up?

Tyler:​ I also played football, basketball and soccer​.

TheRustyArm: Did you have private instruction?

Tyler: ​ Yes, I have received instruction from Jim and DJ Dixon, Derric Waller, and Carlos Fletes.​

TheRustyArm: What quality or trait do you believe got you this far?

Tyler:​ Determination, hard work, and hustle.​

TheRustyArm: Can you name a coach, parent or mentor that has been instrumental in your development?

Tyler: Carlos Fletes has been the most instrumental in my development. He has pushed me throughout the years to try and excel not only in baseball, but also in school, and in life.​

TheRustyArm: What is one piece of advice you would give to young players today?​ ​

Tyler: Academics come first. Always hustle because you never know who’s watching!

TheRustyArm: What do you hope to accomplish in your baseball career? What are your future goals? ​

Tyler: I would like to make it as far as I can in baseball. My goal is to be admitted to the U.S. Naval Academy, and I would love to play baseball while attending the academy.

What an admirable and lofty goal.  But sounds like if anyone could do it, I would say Tyler can.  Good luck Tyler.

Support Tyler and his team the San Marcos Knights in the upcoming 2015 season.

For more SMHS Knigts baseball information and game schedules, go here.








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