It’s Good To Have Heroes

I know this week a lot of us are remembering our childhood baseball heroes.






Here is mine.







I imitated everything from his windup to his demeanor on the mound.  I just could not achieve his fastball (hence the desk job).  When I asked Lefty who his baseball hero is, he said Mike Trout.  An awesome pick.  Probably the choice of most young ball players today (rightly so).Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

But today, when I think back about my baseball heroes growing up, I not only remember Gwynn and Ryan, I remember the people who impacted my life on a daily basis. For example, my high school coach John Crow.  My college coach Dave Snow.  I took pitching lessons from Clyde Wright who paid me a dime for every strike I threw. My pitching mentor/pitching coach/pitch caller in high school Randy Stuart. And of course my mom and dad.  My mom who was one of my first catch partners at the park during those summer days.  My dad who sat on a bucket too many times to count getting peppered in the shins with wild pitches and bounced curveballs.

Right now, Lefty’s hero is Mike Trout .  And I encourage him to be the player Mike Trout is.  But I know years from now when he looks back as I am doing today, his real heroes will include his current and future coaches, as well as his instructors and mentors who will guide him through baseball and life.  I hope I am one of those heroes.

To my baseball heroes, I thank you by doing what I know would mean the most to you, passing it on.

Who were your heroes?